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400电话办理, the toll free number in China


What is 400电话办理 in China? It is a type of toll-free number in China. It has ten digits and it begins with 400. Technically, 400电话办理 is a unified virtual telephone switchboard designed for enterprises and institutions in China. All calls to the 400电话办理 are transferred to the landline, mobile phone or call center line.

The cost of the call made to 400电话办理 is split between the company and the caller. The caller is responsible to bear the local charge while the party that accepts the call is responsible for paying the long distance charge. The interesting thing about this toll-free number is that we can only receive calls from this phone number, we cannot make calls from this number. The 400 hotline reflects the sense of corporate service and is a symbol of credibility and strength.

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Despite being a toll-free number, there is a charge for the caller to call on 400电话办理. What might be the reason? Well, paid toll-free phone numbers can effectively help the company avoid Spam and Unwanted phone calls. However, the call charges for the 400电话办理 are quite low, and the calling party is only charged for the local call. So, Customer will call this number if he/she has a reason. This helps the company effectively avoid all kinds of harassing calls.

To remind you, China also has another toll free number which is 800. The difference between the toll-free number 800 and 400 is that the call made to 800 is completely free for the users and the company bears all the charges.

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The 400电话办理 is an upgraded version of the 800 telephone service. It combines traditional telecom resources with modern CTI technology and incorporates advanced customer service concepts to help companies quickly establish. The motto of 400电话办理, “Your own customer service center” aims to enhance the service brand image of the company and enhance its market competitiveness.


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